DiCaprio’s 11th Hour Message Hits the Web With Specialized Video Widget

A Viral Video Tool Kit Explores the Issues and Offers Solutions

MARIN, CA–September 12, 2007 – guerilla PR, Inc. (www.guerillapr.com) and PopRule (www.poprule.com) have partnered with SpotXchange (www.spotxchange.com) and Zango (www.zango.com) to create a new model for cause-related online advertising and marketing. The video player, currently being used to promote Leonardo DiCaprio’s The 11th Hour film, contains multiple tabs enabling users to watch a trailer and exclusive scenes from the film, “Take Action,” “Send to a Friend” and expand to full screen, all within a single player.

“We needed to start an online buzz, which would raise awareness and drive traffic to 11thhouraction.com where users could proactively participate and find out about solutions to global warming,” said Brian Gerber, 11th Hour Producer. “We are very thankful to guerilla PR, PopRule, Zango and SpotXchange for providing this valuable viral video tool for our campaign.”

Guerilla PR built the widget technology that enables web sites, blogs and NPOs to create a customized version of the player with unique embed codes and watermarked logos. This customizable technology accelerated the adoption rate of the player amongst hundreds of web sites and blogs.

“With one click the player’s embed code can be copied and pasted into blogs, social network profile pages like Facebook, HTML message boards and Web sites, making it very easy to integrate across the Internet,” stated Michael Leifer, CEO and Cultural Anthropologist, guerilla PR. “This enables any location or user to become a marketing ambassador for the film.”

“Web 2.0 tools are critical to the success of social action campaigns. Yet few tools exist for creating rapid political and social action across multiple Web users and sectors, said Rob Kramer, CEO, PopRule.com “The 11th Hour widget helps to achieve this. PopRule is committed to creating and distributing these types of tools.”

The most notable online media partner is Zango (http://11thHour.Zango.com). Zango has embedded the player on their home page and are promoting it to their 20 million consumers via individual messages using their new Slider advertising format.

“Giving back to our communities around the world is core to our business and the opportunity to raise awareness for The 11th Hour is not only an honor but a responsibility,” said Val Sanford, Zango’s vice president of marketing and product management. “Because of the importance of the 11th Hour message, for the first time we are enabling this type of content at Zango.com to be consumed by any Internet surfer without the fundamental quid pro quo of our business model — free content in exchange for targeted advertisements.”

Rounding out the initiative is online video advertising marketplace, SpotXchange. The company’s self service, ad-matching tools allows for dynamic ad insertion and ad matching for companies with like-minded green-focused goals, enabling content monetization and instant ad insertion.

Other web sites featuring this widget include, WeNite.org: (www.wenite.org), StepItUp2007.org, (www.StepItUp2007.org), Blog Action Day: (http://www.blogactionday.org/resources), and Al Gore’s MySpace Page and many others.

About Guerilla PR

Guerilla PR, Inc. was established in 2000, are experts at non-traditional marketing and media, own a suite of word of mouth marketing technologies, provide influencer-based blog, writer and website outreach, and have serviced many Fortune 500 brands and altruistic NGOs including: Sony, Napster, Konami, Coca-Cola, Nestle, EarthJustice.org, Cancer411.org, QuantumShift.tv, and the GlobalWaterTrust.org. GPR is dedicated to making a positive and proactive difference in the world. http://www.guerillapr.com

About PopRule

PopRule is a Web 2.0 tool kit for networking and empowering millions of citizens, candidates, organizations and bloggers to take rapid political and social action through the use and syndication of tools across multiple web outlets. PopRule intends to change the way people engage in political and social action. Just as email and eBay turned occasional communicators, buyers and sellers into active networkers and retailers, PopRule will create a unifying marketplace for turning millions of citizens, candidates and organizations into active participants and influencers by providing tools which foster Networked DemocracyTM. PopRule.com is launching in Fall 2007.

About SpotXchange

The SpotXchange patent-pending platform is the Internet’s first self-service exchange for online video ads. The company is wholly-owned by Colorado-based digital marketing and technology company, Booyah Networks. In 2006, Booyah Networks ranked 23rd on Inc. magazine’s list of 500 fastest growing companies. The company has offices in Westminster, Colo., Los Angeles and New York. Clients and partners include ClipSyndicate, blip.tv, LiveVideo.com, NeoEdge, Visible World and others. Visit SpotXchange online at http://www.spotxchange.com.

About Zango

A pioneer of what we call the Content Economy, Zango, an online media company, fulfills millions of consumers growing demand for free, sought-after online videos, games, music, tools and utilities, giving those consumers greater choice and control over when, where and how they access that content. Zango’s vision enables content creators to monetize and distribute their content, provides publishers access to valuable and unique content as well as a way to make money from their Web traffic, and delivers to advertisers industry-leading ROI through time-shifted ad delivery by engaging more than 20 million consumers precisely when they are most likely to make a purchasing decision. Committed to safe and ethical practices, Zango welcomes more than 200,000 new opt-in consumers every day. For more information, visit http://www.zango.com.


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