SpotXchange supports Atlas In-Stream Video

SpotXchange has recently enabled third-party ad serving support to Atlas In-Stream Video advertisers. Third-party ad serving (wherein a publisher’s ad query is fulfilled by a third-party ad service, rather than by a primary or in-house ad service) is old hat in the banner advertising space, but more difficult to coordinate in video advertising due to a lack of standardization around methods for commercial syndication and impression counting and reporting.
Although some might view Atlas and SpotXchange as competitors, we view this collaboration as a win-win for both companies: Atlas advertisers can now advertise on publisher sites unique to the SpotXchange network, while continuing to leverage the Atlas tracking and reporting systems they’ve come to rely on for managing the performance of their banner and search campaigns.
Here’s how it works. SpotXchange publishers query us for ads just as they always do. When one of the ads that matches a query is that of an Atlas In-Stream advertiser who is participating on our network, the syndication response we provide the publisher includes the Atlas In-Stream syndication instructions, and the publisher plays the relevant Atlas ad, served from the Atlas CDN. Atlas video impression reporting information is triggered as the ad plays, and visitor click thru events are captured on the advertiser’s landing page and tracked thru their Atlas campaign management tools. In parallel, SpotXchange likewise tracks video impression and click thru events, reporting statistics back to both the advertiser and the SpotXchange publisher. All parties get the data they need, when they need it, while the complicated transactions that occur underneath remain both transparent and seamless to the user experiencing the ad.
Support for Atlas In-Stream tracking and reporting opens the SpotXchange network to a number of Atlas advertisers looking for the types of opportunities unique to our network.

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2 Comments on “SpotXchange supports Atlas In-Stream Video”

  1. trey gaskins Says:

    Have you also integrated into DART DFP?

  2. doug render Says:

    DART DFP adserver can call SpotXchange for ads, assuming the publisher who owns the adserver understands it well enough to configure it to query SpotXchange. We have a number of publishers who already use DART to manage queries from multiple ad sources, inclduding SpotXchange.

    The Atlas integration described above is 180 degrees different from a publisher’s use of DART–the Atlas integration supports an Atlas Instream advertiser using that platform to deliver and track and ad on a SpotXchange publisher’s site.


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