How to get the right advertisers targeting your ad inventory in the SpotXchange marketplace!

bullseye.jpg After being approved as a SpotXchange publisher, you will need to set up channels using the self-service SpotXchange publisher tools. Channels represent buckets of content that typically attract like demographics. The following article provides an overview of how to best set up your channels in the SpotXchange marketplace to attract advertisers at the highest possible CPM rates.

Profiling Your Channel: Filling out your channel profile with descriptive and compelling information is an important step towards connecting with appropriate SpotXchange advertisers who might be interested in advertising against your site’s content. Keep in mind that the information you enter in your channel profile is the only information prospective advertisers will have available to them to make a determination of the “fit” between your content and their campaign objectives—it’s a WYSIWYG system—the information you enter is the exact information the advertiser will have access to. So put on your marketing cap and make your profile as descriptive and persuasive as possible.


Mind Character Limits: All fields have character limits—this forces you to describe your site with a great degree of specificity. Channel name limits are 50 characters (including spaces) while the description field permits 255 characters.

Channel Hierarchy: Put some thought into how you want to arrange your channels hierarchically in the SpotXchange network. Does it make sense to group your channels as subchannels under a parent channel, or should the channels be insulated from one another?

This is an example of using subchannels effectively to represent a theoretical publisher’s offerings:

  • MicroMotion News
    • MicroMotion Entertainment News
    • MicroMotion Sports News

The more granular you can make your channels, the more apparent their focus becomes to advertisers.

  • MicroMotions Sports News
    • MicroMotion Sports News: Baseball
    • MicroMotion Sports News: Football
    • MicroMotion Sports News: Hockey
  • MicroMotion Entertaiment News
    • MicroMotion Entertaiment News: Movies
    • MicroMotion Entertaiment News: Music

It makes more sense to keep your channels as stand alone entries if they do not share any familial qualities:

  • MicroMotion Sports News
  • Blue Spruce Auto Reviews

Channel Names: Brand your channel names. Instead of generically calling your channel “Baseball News”, brand it “New England Baseball News” or something else that distinguishes your “Baseball News” content from other channels that may likewise offer similar content. The names you select are the names that will represent your channels in the marketplace when advertisers search for properties to sponsor.

Channel Pitch/Description: Write persuasively! This is your chance to describe, in your own words, why your channel deserves advertiser attention. Keep it concise, but make it compelling.

Banner Sizes: You are highly encouraged to serve a banner adjacency next to the video ad. Analysis has shown that sites that offer a banner adjacency achieve noticeably higher CTR than sites that do not—and CTR is an important metric for all video advertisers. If you need guidance on selecting the most appropriate banner size to use, we suggest 300×250 or 468×60 as these sizes seem to be the most popular among advertisers.


Keep Your Profile Focused: Selecting dozens of categories from the menu will not get you more advertisers—it will probably get you fewer than selecting two or three closely related, focused categories to characterize your channel. If your channel spans several disparate, unrelated content categories, you should probably consider breaking it out into discrete sub channels. Advertisers feel most comfortable when the content against which they will be advertising is transparent to them to a high level of specificity. The same principal of focus holds true when specifying your channel’s demographics.

If you don’t feel you nailed it the first time, don’t worry, because you can go back and edit your channel profile at any time.

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