SpotXchange Wins Streaming Media’s Readers’ Choice Award!

smrcaawardlogo-winner.jpgWow, I’m really proud and excited to announce that SpotXchange won Streaming Media’s Readers’ Choice Award as BEST video advertising platform. There are several people here that have been working night and day the last two years developing the SpotXchange platform and growing the SpotXchange network, so it is fantastic to be recognized with this honor.

The article announcing all of the winners was posted on their site today.

SpotXchange can be found on page 4 when visiting link above. Other winners included WebEx (Best Collaboration Solution), Verisign (Best Content Management Platform), BUYDRM (Best Copy Protection/DRM Solution), ViewCast (Best Encoding Hardware), Sorenson (Best Encoding Software), Akamai (Best CDN), VBrick (Best IPTV Hardware), SlingMedia (Best IPTV Software), BitTorrent (Best P2P Delivery Network), Real (Best Regional CDN Broadcast Network), Gotuit (Best Search and Indexing Platform), Adobe (Best Server/Hardware), Live365 (Best Streaming Radio Station), and Sonic Foundry (Best Webcasting Appliance).

The SpotXchange excerpt is as follows:

Video Advertising Platform

First runner-up: Digitalsmiths VideoSense
Second runner-up: Eyeblaster Ad Campaign Manager
The lack of standards for ad length, placement, and other factors continued to hinder the potential growth of online video advertising in 2007. On the other hand, a lack of standards opens the door to innovative approaches like SpotXchange. SpotXchange sets up a platform on which online video publishers can auction off available inventory to media buyers and advertisers who then bid on open slots. Once they purchased the slots, the advertisers can upload their commercials and target them by publisher, time of day, region, and category using SpotXchange’s self-serve Marketplace interface.

Targeting is, of course, the name of the game, and first runner-up Digitalsmiths VideoSense allows for automated matching between advertising and appropriate content based on metadata generated by its software. And nobody offers a more comprehensive ad solution than Eyeblaster’s Ad Campaign Manager, which collects the company’s established deployment and measurement tools into a seamless suite of applications.

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