Wall Street Journal – Pairing News Outlets and Ads w/ Smaller Sites


I was very fortunate to be quoted in today’s WSJ article by Stephanie Kang- “A Wider Web to Find Their Niche Firm Looks to Pair News Outlets, Ads With Smaller Sites”

The article was about one of SpotXchange’s publishing partners, Voxant. Some know Voxant by another name or another property they operate, which is called the Newsroom.


Very simply, Voxant licenses content from content producers like MTV and CBS, and then syndicates this content across a broad network of sites. As Stephanie’s article points out, Voxant is in the “business of helping both news organizations and big Web advertisers gain a presence on small sites that are influential among niche audiences.” Note that advertisers can actually sponsor this content on Voxant’s network through SpotXchange.

My quote in the article was as follows:

“There’s a huge lack of high-quality inventory to sponsor,” says Michael Shehan, chief executive officer of online video-ad network SpotXchange, a unit of Booyah Networks, which has run ads for the film “1408” and for companies like SunTrust Banks on Voxant’s network of niche Web sites.

Pretty brief but no complaints here. To elaborate on my quote, my point is that media buyers are hard pressed to find huge reserves of high quality video ad inventory to sponsor on the Internet. There are, of course, the well-known sites like NBC, Yahoo and AOL that have large amounts of video ad inventory associated with professionally-produced content. At a high level, it’s an easy and safe media buy. However, the high demand can result in fairly high CPMs and can limit one’s ability to hit a target media plan. At the other side of the spectrum, there is a great deal of available inventory on video sites that host user-generated content. Obviously, at this point, media buyers are wary of sponsoring this content due to the potential liabilities associated with tying one’s brand with potentially copyrighted or lewd content.

The third group of potential video ad inventory is exactly what Voxant represents – professionally produced content that is licensed and syndicated on a very long tail of sites. Other SpotXchange partners that fit this mold include Blinkx, ClipSyndicate, UPI, LiveVideo, and Internap. While this is great content to sponsor, there is one drawback from the media buyer’s perspective. It’s hard to get a lot of it without a hurculean effort of doing multiple buys with multiple sellers. Enter SpotXchange.

SpotXchange is an online video ad network that aggregates the inventory from hundreds of publishers, representing millions of daily video streams on thousands of sites. And media buyers can launch campaign within minutes with our self-service tools and optimize performance on the fly based on real-time reporting.

Many thanks to Voxant for suggesting to WSJ that they should talk to us for this article. If you are interested in reading the entire article, then you can follow this link (but note you’ll need a subscription to WSJ to read the entire article) – http://online.wsj.com/public/article/SB119370369455475687.html

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