Inside Digital Hollywood—Wednesday, Oct. 31

Broadband Advertising: The Power Surge took center stage at Digital Hollywood on Wednesday as a panel moderated by 360i Director of Emerging Media David Berkowitz addressed the multiple tactics that can be employed around broadband video postings/advertising.

Media-Screen Managing Director Josh Crandall set the tone by showing his company’s research on U.S.broadband audiences. The Netpop Report (Trends: Online Activities among U.S. Broadband Users, 2006 and 2007, http:// showed that modern, influential online consumers share opinions with their online circle of friends and the Web community at large. Broadband is clearly out of the early adopter phase and into the mainstream with 127 million consumers at least 13 years and older accessing it. When it comes to product purchase decisions consumers are spending 2.6 hours online versus 2.2 hours offline gathering information before making purchases.

Deep-Focus Media Director Eric Druckenmiller described how broadband allows the consumer to have a richer online experience with brands. For his entertainment clients Eric employs multiple tactics like video postings, search and publicity targeted to niche audiences to build a viral ground swell before reaching a much broader audience. Jason Klein, Special Ops’ co-founder/CEO, takes a similar approach targeting loyal consumers who recommend the brand to their social circle. It is all about building buzz for a campaign before a national launch. The entire panel endorsed using the social networking tactic for entertainment brands to facilitate viral distribution of the brand’s online message.

Josh wrapped up by stating that based on what is influencing purchase decisions he is amazed that brands are giving online such a small slice of their marketing budget versus T.V. and radio. Clearly online budgets would increase if the allotment was based on the consumers’ media habits, overall audience reach and the ability to build brand favorability among consumers.

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  1. Grace Yao Says:

    All of the Netpop data are available at the site

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