Case Study: 1408 Online Video Ad Campaign


12-day program
Start: 9/27/07
End: 10/8/07
Street Date: 10/3/07
Creative: Pre-Street, “Available Tuesday on DVD,” 9/27-10/2; Street, “Now Available,” 10/3-10/8

Total Video Impressions Delivered: 714,682
Total Companion Banner Impressions: 555,739
Click Through Rate: 1.51%

How did we do it? 
Matches were narrowed by publishers who accepted 15 second ads and 300×250 banners.
Data collected in the campaign’s early stages enabled optimization that powered the campaign’s success.

Campaign inventory
Casual gaming sites, pre-game ads
Video sites, in-stream ads


“Under a short timeline, SpotXchange delivered quality video and banner impressions for our DVD release campaign. Their targeting and optimization capabilities helped us drill down and reach an engaged and relevant audience.”   Michael Radiloff, EVP Marketing, Genius Products

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One Comment on “Case Study: 1408 Online Video Ad Campaign”

  1. Tayie Rehem Says:

    I am very interested to know more about video ad campaign and Self-service publisher tools


    Tayie Rehem

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