iMedia Connection: 7 tips for smart video buys

iMedia Connection, January 23, 2008, By Julie Ruvolo

Article Excerpt

Put sales people to work for you
Most sales folks in the digital space would be ecstatic to get clear direction from an agency. Instead what they see is a lot of bizarre inconsistency. One agency says a salesperson’s service is not of significance until it hits 10 million monthly visitors. The next wants to spend $250K on a pilot program with that same service. The third refuses to return their calls after initially expressing enthusiasm.

All they want to know is what you and your clients want. Take advantage of the fact that agencies are strapped for resources and that sales folks are eager to please (not to mention that the savvier sales folks know the competitive landscape better than many digital planners). When you encounter a particularly savvy and trustworthy sales person, put them to work for you. Ask them to come in and give a lay of the land — theirs and their competitors. Ask them to put together a joint roundtable with their competitors. Ask them to compile that Excel sheet for you.

Michael Shehan, CEO of video ad network SpotXchange, asks to be put to work in a different way — calling on agencies to ask for more accountability from emerging video services. How astute.

“I think agencies should standardize their reporting requirements. This is especially important when running on an ad network. These reports should include the performance of the video advertisement per site or per publisher,” Shehan says. “Many agencies today only require top level campaign performance, thereby relegating the media buy to a blind buy. Agencies should demand accountability on behalf of their customers. Ultimately, this type of transparency will facilitate faster adoption of online video advertising as it eliminates the risk of having an advertiser show up on questionable content. Additionally, I think developing these standard reporting requirements across agencies will take some of the experimentation and guess work out of planning and executing on an online video ad buy.”

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