Publisher Spotlight: Big Think


Big Think

The New York Times, 1/7/2008

Big Think ( mixes interviews with public intellectuals from a variety of fields, from politics, to law to business, and allows users to engage in debates on issues like global warming and the two-party system., 1/7/2008

The site is set up to as a place to find intellectual video snacks. Typically, each video shows a public intellectual or pundit against a stark white background answering a single pointed question in three to five minutes. Big Think launched with 2,000 clips from 85 “guests”, including Senator John McCain on the two-party system, psychologist Steven Pinker on human nature, and economist Paul Krugman on whether future generations will hate us.

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One Comment on “Publisher Spotlight: Big Think”

  1. Ian Griffith Says:

    big think is an excellent site

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