All Politics Are Local….And REAL TIME!


It amazes me to watch the ferocious pace of media and politics. To be quite honest, it’s exhausting. When do these candidates sleep?

We now live in a 24 hour political news cycle that is entertaining, dramatic, tailored to our personal interests, and extremely localized. In response, the candidates and the political action committees (PACs) need to be in all places at all times with a personalized and relevant message. But that’s incredibly difficult with the advertising infrastructure that is in place with TV, radio and even, online. The amount of energy, money, and time spent to place a commercial on any of those mediums is extraordinary, because it’s outdated and bureaucratic. And it often leads to wasteful, ineffective campaigns.

Here at SpotXchange, we’ve completely changed the game – at least as it relates to online video advertising.

SpotXchange is a very large self-service online video advertising network comprised of millions of unique viewers. But to campaign managers, it’s more than that. It represents a weapon for real-time precision guided messaging. With the SpotXchange network, campaign managers can launch video advertising campaigns, similar to those on TV, literally within minutes of shooting the commercial. After loading their video commercial and companion banners into the SpotXchange tools, campaign managers can target available video ad inventory across the SpotXchange network by region (any country, any state and any city), by context (e.g. – news videos), by demographic and/or by any web site that is profiled in the SpotXchange marketplace. Furthermore, campaign managers can optimize on the fly based on real-time performance stats.

This is important, because online video advertising represents a breakthrough for political advertising.

First, video is the most engaging form of advertising. It transcends words. It’s emotional. It’s powerful. And it can inspire people to act. That’s why so much money is spent on TV commercials.

But as you know, it’s more than TV advertising. Online video advertising can engage to the point of action at that moment in time. In other words, video advertisements and their companion banners can be clicked. “Click here to sign up to join the fight.” “Click here to donate.” “Click here to send to a friend.” And clicked they are, as average click through rates for online video advertisements are often 10xs greater than clicks on banner advertisements alone.

There’s no better example of this than Senator Obama’s online campaign, which does two things. It inspires people to act, and his online commercials (video, banners and web site) always ask you to join his cause by volunteering, signing up to his email list and by donating money (see picture of his website below). And it’s working. His campaign just announced they raised $55M in February, which is a record for any candidate. $45M was raised online and 90% of the donations were under $100!! (Read CNN article about his fundraising accomplishments –


In addition to the inherent capabilities of online video advertising already listed, SpotXchange also delivers several other advantages to political advertisers over and above traditional TV advertising and other online video ad networks or rep firms. Those are as follows:

Localized Messaging – SpotXchange allows you to customize the messaging and target your video commercials by region allowing you to deliver a relevant message to the people in that state, region, or down to the district. Don’t preach to miners in western Pennsylvania about inner city violence when they are more worried about jobs and our energy policy. (See the SpotXchange Local Ads page, which highlights traffic patterns from our most popular states and cities).
Damage Control – SpotXchange allows candidates to launch a targeted video campaign in just minutes. Campaign managers can counter any negative news or smear tactics by other candidates by releasing your own fact filled commercial that day, even that hour.
Real Time Feedback & Real-Time Optimization – Campaign managers can measure the effectiveness of their ads in real-time by reviewing online video ad campaign stats provided by SpotXchange. For any time period, review click through rates on video and banners and average viewing duration of commercials. Correlate this data with measurement of web site activity once they click through on the video commercial. Answer questions like, was this video campaign and its targets effective in driving registrations, donations, volunteers, etc? Take that information and optimize your campaign on SpotXchange to maximize effectiveness – change targets, optimize how much you pay for your campaign, set dayparting or change flight dates.
On the Fly Creative – In minutes, change your videos and banners to correspond with the changing issues in the 24 hour news cycle we live in. Just drag and drop, and your new video commercials are reaching the masses.
A/B Testing – Not sure which commercial to show on TV? Test on SpotXchange first and use the one that generates the highest CTR, or the highest amount of donors and volunteers.
No Spending Limits – Spend as much or as little as you want. Suspend a campaign immediately if it’s not working for you or if you need to move funds to another aspect of your campaign.

The possibilities are actually limitless. Combined, online video advertising and SpotXchange represent a change in how campaigns market to the masses. (I hear change is a big theme this year!) Each 24 hour news cycle will bring up something new. If only advertising could move as fast as the news! Well, now it can!

To learn more about advertising on SpotXchange, click here ( or contact

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