Case Study: Nanny Diaries InGame Online Video Ad Campaign

Flight Dates: December 2007


Client Objectives
For the DVD release of Nanny Diaries, the client wanted to target a female audience, ages 18 to 35. The objective was to promote the DVD release by driving traffic to the client’s Web site where consumers could experience more of the movie and find out where they could buy the DVD.

The Campaign
Several SpotXchange casual gaming partners had audiences made up of movie lovers. According to comScore, the affinity of movie-goers to casual game players is very high.

Comp Index of Females 25 to 54 Movie-goers vs Casual Game players
113 : Attended a movie on opening weekend in the last 30 days (Yahoo Games)
127 : Attended at least one movie in the last 30 days (iWin)
194 : Attended 10 or more movies in the last 30 days (Yahoo Games)

The baseline index rating is 100. So for example, Female Yahoo Game visitors aged 25 to 54 are almost twice (194/100) as likely to see 10 or more movies in a month than Female visitors 25 to 54 on the average Internet site.

Knowing that, SpotXchange ran studio release campaigns on several casual gaming channels to see how they performed. The results speak for themselves.

Representative Sample Results from One of SpotXchange’s Casual Games Channels
Total Video Impressions Delivered: 24,257
Total Companion Banner Impressions: 1,434
Click Through Rate: 5.9%

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