InGame Video Ad Network Reaches a Captive Audience

SpotXchange builds impressive list of casual gaming partners

WESTMINSTER, CO April 10, 2008 – Leading online video advertising network SpotXchange announced a list of top casual gaming sites who are making their InGame video ad inventory available to advertisers in the SpotXchange marketplace. This portfolio of partners includes NeoEdge Networks,,, NetWinner’s AdverGame Network,, and Lycos’s According to various third-party measurement firms, SpotXchange’s network of casual gaming publishers reaches over 25 million unique monthly visitors in aggregate.

Most casual gaming inventory is monetized by static or rich-media display advertisements that run before a game starts or between game levels. While they generate revenue for casual gaming publishers, display advertisements do not leverage the inventory’s true value given the dramatically high brand exposure and interaction rates generated by InGame video ads.

“When Education Connection advertises on TV our target is stay-at-home moms looking for career options. SpotXchange’s casual gaming inventory is spot-on for this demographic,” said Education Connection Chief Operating Officer Todd Zipper. “We have been very pleased as casual gamers are not only clicking on our ads, but they are also converting to leads at high rates.”

Advertisers currently buying InGame video inventory through the SpotXchange marketplace are reaching an engaged and ultra-targeted consumer. The effectiveness of video advertising is commonly measured by click-through rates and the average amount of the video advertisement viewed. On average, SpotXchange casual gaming publishers deliver click-through rates between one and five percent. In February, over 90 percent of the InGame video advertisements served by SpotXchange were watched in full.

“Casual gaming is one of the most popular forms of online entertainment. A Parks Associates report from August 2007 puts it above even online video viewing,” said SpotXchange CEO/President Michael Shehan. “Combine that growth and popularity with engagement and targeting and it’s clear why SpotXchange is so bullish with this vertical.”

The SpotXchange platform allows advertisers to launch precisely targeted video ad campaigns in minutes. The transparent marketplace provides advertisers the ability to target specific publishers and content categories (e.g. casual gaming, news, sports, etc.). Additionally, advertisers can refine their targeting to reach users by region (country, state, and/or DMA) and time of day. SpotXchange enables advertisers to target specific demographics such as gender and age group on publisher sites that require this information for user registration. More information on InGame advertising through the SpotXchange marketplace is available at

About SpotXchange
The SpotXchange patent-pending online video advertising platform received the 2007 Streaming Media Readers’ Choice Award for BEST VIDEO AD PLATFORM. The company was spun off from Colorado-based digital marketing and technology company Booyah Networks in March 2007. Booyah Networks ranked 23rd on the 2006 Inc. 500. Clients and partners include Blinkx, Lycos, Voxant,, NeoEdge, United Press International and others.


Valerie Quintanilla

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