IAB sets online video ad standards

Today is a banner day for online video advertising. Pardon the pun, but with the IAB’s release of the “Digital Video Ad Format Guidelines and Best Practices“, the reporting standards needed for this medium are finally in place.In addition to the 145 companies on the IAB’s Digital Video Committee, many others participated in preparing the guidelines, from advertisers to agencies to Web sites to research to ad serving technology companies. The goal in producing the standards is to define the common metrics that need to be reported for in-stream video advertising by individual sites. This in turn makes planning this media much easier knowing that consistent information will be reported.

When all sellers of in-stream video advertising are reporting on 1) view, 2) video click-through, 3) completed play, 4) time spent viewing, and 5) percent complete metrics, planners will be able to compare apples to apples. When the planner is trying to move budgets from other media to in-stream video advertising, their clients will view the recommendation more favorably now that industry-approved guidelines are in place.

Now it is up to all in-stream video advertising sellers to implement the reporting guidelines and evangelize the guidelines back to the media planners. I was in a meeting today with an interactive media director that works for an agency that buys television time for multiple Fortune 500 companies. One of his goals is to move television budgets over to our media. This document is a step in the right direction to make that happen.

The guidelines can be accessed at, http://www.iab.net/dv_guidelines.

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