MediaPost:, SpotXchange Partner To Extend Ad Unit Offerings

by Tanya Irwin, Tuesday, Oct 14, 2008 7:00 AM ET

A partnership between and SpotXchange has resulted in the extension of’s OneSource product offerings with the integration of the SpotXchange pre-roll and overlay ad units.

Westminster, Col.-based SpotXchange provides reach and targeting to advertisers through transparent self-service tools, said SpotXchange President and CEO Michael Shehan. The partnership gives advertisers access to a greater depth of high quality inventory, he said.

The SpotXchange online video advertising network allows advertisers and publishers to buy and sell online video advertising in a real-time marketplace.’s OneSource is a platform to help publishers fully monetize their online video content. Publishers can add, configure and optimize video advertising across their video inventory. The solutions from the two companies will continue to grow as the space powers forward.

“From a publisher perspective, self-service tools empower publishers to maximize the user experience and ad revenue,” Shehan said. “The publisher has the ability to test out various ad units and utilize what works best for them. If they find that viewers abandon a video when a 30-second pre-roll runs, they can adjust the parameters to call 15-second spots, or try an overlay unit. They can also adjust the amount that advertisers must pay in order to sponsor their inventory.”

From an advertiser perspective, self-service tools empower advertisers to maximize the ROI of their online video ad campaigns, Shehan said. The tools make it easy for advertisers to load, target and launch campaigns, as well as optimize them based on real-time performance stats. The SpotXchange marketplace is also completely transparent, allowing advertisers to target specific publisher inventory, as well as target by region (down to the city), by context, by demographic and, soon, behavior and intention.

“Overall, this real-time optimization through self-service tool helps both advertisers and publishers realize a greater return,” Shehan said.

The partnership has already produced notable and successful campaigns across several publishers. For instance, pre-roll and overlay ad campaigns from the SpotXchange network targeting males via contextual content such as sports, news and entertainment were expanded through’s publishers. SpotXchange tapped’s publishers, including sites like Vuze, Bittorrent, Britannica, and Topix.

“As expands OneSource to maximize the liquidity of video ad inventory for our publishers, we must continue to integrate with top industry players,” said San Mateo, Calif.-based founder and CEO Amir Ashkinazi. “The rapid success of OneSource is driven by our ability to engage with partners like SpotXchange, who has a solid reputation for the quality and delivery of their ad units.

Tanya Irwin is Deputy Editor of MediaPost. She can be reached at

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