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2009 Upshot50 Winner – Marketing Technology Leader

February 24, 2009

upshot50seal2We have a little saying we use over here at SpotXchange when something great happens. Seeing that our parent company is Booyah Networks, it’s not hard to guess what that little saying is.

Recently, we had reason to use this catch phrase to express our excitement after learning that SpotXchange is an Upshot50 Winner!

I’ll go ahead and set a little mood lighting for anyone in the dark about what the folks at Upshot Institute represent. They specialize in marketing analysis and provide consulting services for marketers and vendors. Upshot Institute has a particular interest in marketing technologies and how they may be applied in marketing organizations. Marketers, being in such a fast-paced and chaotic industry, understand the importance of companies like Upshot Institute and the guidance they provide the marketing community, through their resources and tools.

To read up more on Upshot Institute, visit their website.

The Upshot50 Awards were created to show appreciation for companies who provide “the most significant technologies shaping marketing today.” As an Upshot50 winner, SpotXchange has been recognized as a marketing technology leader, pushing the marketing world envelope with our innovative, performance-building, empowering tools and technologies.

Congratulations to my fellow online video advertising team at SpotXchange.

I have one word for you: “Booyah!”


Online Games Find Success in Recession

February 20, 2009

blog-comp3“In fact, according to leading online video advertising network SpotXchange, in February 2008, over 90% of the InGame video advertisements they served were watched in full. This level of engagement means the effectiveness of the video ad goes through the roof.” – From article written by

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