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Casual Connect Recap Article:

July 24, 2009

Mike Shehan spoke on a panel at the Casual Connect show in Seattle this past week.  He spoke about monetizing casual games.  Colin Campbell quotes Mike in his conference recap article titled “Opinion: Casual Connects.”

Mike’s quote:

But change is inevitable, and it’s fueling the growth of the casual games business. Mike Shehan, founder and CEO of SpotXchange said, “The money is moving in only one direction.” His company auctions video-based advertising on games sites, with, he said, theatricals increasingly keen on online because movies studios wants their ads to be seen by targeted audiences and “nothing targets as effectively as online games”. Portals are becoming ever more effective at knowing who is playing their games, and what sorts of products they like.

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Online Games Find Success in Recession

February 20, 2009

blog-comp3“In fact, according to leading online video advertising network SpotXchange, in February 2008, over 90% of the InGame video advertisements they served were watched in full. This level of engagement means the effectiveness of the video ad goes through the roof.” – From article written by

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MediaPost:, SpotXchange Partner To Extend Ad Unit Offerings

October 14, 2008

by Tanya Irwin, Tuesday, Oct 14, 2008 7:00 AM ET

A partnership between and SpotXchange has resulted in the extension of’s OneSource product offerings with the integration of the SpotXchange pre-roll and overlay ad units.

Westminster, Col.-based SpotXchange provides reach and targeting to advertisers through transparent self-service tools, said SpotXchange President and CEO Michael Shehan. The partnership gives advertisers access to a greater depth of high quality inventory, he said.

The SpotXchange online video advertising network allows advertisers and publishers to buy and sell online video advertising in a real-time marketplace.’s OneSource is a platform to help publishers fully monetize their online video content. Publishers can add, configure and optimize video advertising across their video inventory. The solutions from the two companies will continue to grow as the space powers forward.

“From a publisher perspective, self-service tools empower publishers to maximize the user experience and ad revenue,” Shehan said. “The publisher has the ability to test out various ad units and utilize what works best for them. If they find that viewers abandon a video when a 30-second pre-roll runs, they can adjust the parameters to call 15-second spots, or try an overlay unit. They can also adjust the amount that advertisers must pay in order to sponsor their inventory.”

From an advertiser perspective, self-service tools empower advertisers to maximize the ROI of their online video ad campaigns, Shehan said. The tools make it easy for advertisers to load, target and launch campaigns, as well as optimize them based on real-time performance stats. The SpotXchange marketplace is also completely transparent, allowing advertisers to target specific publisher inventory, as well as target by region (down to the city), by context, by demographic and, soon, behavior and intention.

“Overall, this real-time optimization through self-service tool helps both advertisers and publishers realize a greater return,” Shehan said.

The partnership has already produced notable and successful campaigns across several publishers. For instance, pre-roll and overlay ad campaigns from the SpotXchange network targeting males via contextual content such as sports, news and entertainment were expanded through’s publishers. SpotXchange tapped’s publishers, including sites like Vuze, Bittorrent, Britannica, and Topix.

“As expands OneSource to maximize the liquidity of video ad inventory for our publishers, we must continue to integrate with top industry players,” said San Mateo, Calif.-based founder and CEO Amir Ashkinazi. “The rapid success of OneSource is driven by our ability to engage with partners like SpotXchange, who has a solid reputation for the quality and delivery of their ad units.

Tanya Irwin is Deputy Editor of MediaPost. She can be reached at

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SpotXchange is Top Online Video Ad Platform for Streaming Media’s Readers’ Choice Awards

October 7, 2008

Four thousand industry voters make SpotXchange the winner for the second year in a row

Westminster, CO October 6, 2008 For the second year, online video advertising network, SpotXchange won top Online Video Advertising Platform in the Streaming Media’s Readers’ Choice Awards. SpotXchange was also a top-three finalist in the Video Advertising Network Category.

“We are honored that Streaming Media Readers and industry pros are again recognizing SpotXchange’s contributions to the space by selecting us as the top Online Video Ad Platform,” said SpotXchange President and CEO Michael Shehan. “The SpotXchange formula for success is about meeting the needs of our advertisers and publishers. On their behalf, SpotXchange will continue to push the technological envelope to help maximize accountability and success of their ongoing video advertising initiatives.”

Based in Colorado and launched in November 2006, SpotXchange is an online video advertising network that provides sophisticated targeting, a hands-on client services team, reporting, and a transparent marketplace that meets publisher and advertisers online video advertising needs.

About SpotXchange
In 2007 and 2008, the SpotXchange patent-pending online video advertising platform received the Streaming Media Readers’ Choice Award for BEST VIDEO AD PLATFORM. The company was spun off from Colorado-based digital marketing and technology company, Booyah Networks in March 2007. Booyah Networks ranked 23rd on the 2006 Inc. 500. Clients and partners include Clip Syndicate, Lycos, TVU, Pando, Voxant, Slingo, NeoEdge, United Press International and others.

About the Streaming Media Readers’ Choice Awards
This year’s Readers’ Choice Awards presented more than 200 different products and services from more than 150 different companies from around the world. The fact that there’s so much competition for these awards is a reflection of just how many competitive solutions are now available to consumers, enterprises, and educational institutions looking for online video solutions; the fact that nearly 4,000 Streaming Media readers voted in the awards shows just how passionately they feel about the tools they’ve chosen.


SpotXchange adds to NYC ad sales team

September 2, 2008

NEW YORK September 2, 2008 Online video advertising network SpotXchange announced today the addition of Len Bilello. Len, an award winning sales strategist, will serve as vice president of sales, where he will primarily focus on building the company’s broadband video commercial advertising base.

With more then fifteen years of experience, Len has evangelized and sold new technology to key decision makers including online publishers, agencies and clients, in addition to maintaining responsibility for over $40 million in online ad revenue. He has also been recognized by peers and management, winning both quantitative sales awards as well as receiving acknowledgement from colleagues.

Being among the first online sales persons in the digital industry, Len has been written about in BusinessWeek regarding the online advertising marketplace. Additionally, he has consulted with companies including Olive Garden, America Online, Jet Blue, Sony and more. Known for his ability to quickly identify sales opportunities, Len takes great pride in understanding client’s marketing and business goals. He thrives on presenting dynamic products and services that leverage bottom line results. Adopting innovative approaches and concepts, Len demonstrates a solid grasp on revolutionary marketing solutions, delivering groundbreaking ideas that impact heavily on the digital arena.

Prior to joining SpotXchange, Len was national sales director at Knocknock, formerly known as Avant Interactive, where he maintained responsibility for revenue generation and implementation of pioneering digital marketing solutions. His clients included Lifetime, ABC, CBS, NBC, AT& T, Scripps Networks, Honda and Ford, to name a few. Len strongly believes that the key to his success is founded on his ability to build solid relationships with both clients and agencies. In addition to Avant, his career includes time with Scripps Networks, Mobliss, Inc., Claria Corporation and DoubleClick. At DoubleClick he served as senior strategic sales person selling advertising on DoubleClick’s network of over 1100 highly rated web sites.

Based in Colorado and launched in November 2006, SpotXchange is an online video advertising network that provides sophisticated targeting, a hands-on client services team, reporting, and a transparent marketplace that meets publisher and advertisers online video advertising needs.

About SpotXchange
The SpotXchange patent-pending online video advertising platform received the 2007 Streaming Media Readers’ Choice Award for BEST VIDEO AD PLATFORM. The company was spun off from Colorado-based digital marketing and technology company, Booyah Networks in March 2007. Booyah Networks ranked 23rd on the 2006 Inc. 500. Clients and partners include Voxant, Blinkx,,, NeoEdge, United Press International and others.


TVWeek: Digital Dealmakers

August 4, 2008

Digital Dealmakers
August 3, 2008

Mike Shehan, CEO of SpotXchange

The player: Mike Shehan, CEO of SpotXchange

The play: SpotXchange is an online video advertising network that brokers deals for ads against online video content. Ads can be pre-rolls, overlays, banners and pre-game ads in which a video advertisement plays before a casual game starts. SpotXchange is the sister company to Booyah Networks, which builds technologies and provides solutions for sponsored search.

The pitch: Because of parent company Booyah’s work in search, SpotXchange can allow advertisers to tweak their campaigns on the fly based on real-time Web results, much like advertisers can do with search campaigns. “We provide a lot of transparency to allow advertisers to see exactly where their ads are being placed. They can load and launch campaigns within minutes as opposed to 30 days,” Mr. Shehan said. “The biggest thing our advertisers appreciate is the ability to optimize campaigns based on performance, just like you would with search.” Advertisers can pick and choose the sites and inventory they want.

In the mix: SpotXchange reaches 84 million people per month across its network of publishers, including,,,, and Advertisers have included big brands like the U.S. Army and Ford, agencies like Universal McCann and direct-response marketers like Netflix. SpotXchange also works with local advertisers such as attorneys, retailers and restaurants because SpotXchange can target by city. “It’s a powerful marketing tool because it does drive phone calls and leads to them. For every local video ad, we overlay with a unique phone tracking number,” he said.

The backstory: Mr. Shehan founded parent company Booyah in 2001 with proceeds from selling his house. That company is now profitable.

The money guys: SpotXchange was funded by Booyah Networks at launch in 2006 with $6 million. The company also has raised an undisclosed amount of strategic investment money. SpotXchange makes money from selling ads and expects to be profitable in 12 to 24 months.

The pros: Online video advertising is a fast-growing business and revenue should rise from $471 million last year to $7.2 billion in 2012, according to Forrester Research.

The cons: Competition is stiff from online video ad networks like Tremor Media and Broadband Enterprises.

Background: Mr. Shehan was born in Westchester, Pa., and grew up in Baltimore. He graduated with a degree in biology from Vanderbilt University. Before founding Booyah in 2001, he was CEO of an image search technology firm and founded e-commerce company Logex. He lives in the Denver area with his wife and four children.

Who knew? In 2001 Mr. Shehan and his wife sold their dream home in Boulder, Colo., to fund Booyah Networks. Three months after they moved the house was featured in Better Homes & Gardens, with the couple in front of the home on the cover.

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