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SpotXchange Continues Growth

April 23, 2008

 VP of sales and client services manager join the team

WESTMINSTER, CO April 23, 2008 – Online video advertising network SpotXchange announced today the addition of two staff members.

Torrey Newman-Larson joins the company as the vice president of sales, direct response. She comes to SpotXchange from Q Interactive where she managed sales in lead generation, e-mail and display services.Erica Harte joins SpotXchange’s team of client services managers. Erica will manage online video advertising campaigns for the company’s clients. Prior to SpotXchange, Erica spent time at JoeBrands and Karsh + Hagan.

Based in Colorado and launched in November 2006, the SpotXchange online video advertising network allows advertisers and publishers to buy and sell online video advertising in a real-time auction marketplace. The patent-pending technology takes the best practices in sponsored search-self-service tools, free market bidding, precision targeting, transparent reporting, real-time tracking and optimization-and applies those tools to a comprehensive marketplace of online video ad inventory. The marketplace currently represents over one billion monthly impressions.

About SpotXchange
The SpotXchange patent-pending online video advertising platform received the 2007 Streaming Media Readers’ Choice Award for BEST VIDEO AD PLATFORM. The company was spun off from Colorado-based digital marketing and technology company, Booyah Networks in March 2007. Booyah Networks ranked 23rd on the 2006 Inc. 500. Clients and partners include Voxant, Blinkx, Internap,, NeoEdge, United Press International and others.

Valerie Quintanilla

iSPOT: Ad Networks Support Video Ads On Casual Game Sites

April 16, 2008

WESTMINSTER, CO, April 16, 2008, Ken Liebeskind — The popularity of running video ads on casual gaming sites is accelerating, with ad networks championing them. “The click through rates are better than in-stream advertising and you can target down to the demographics,” said Michael Shehan, CEO of SpotXchange, the ad network that is running video ads on,, and Lycos’s

Ty Levin, vice president of marketing for NeoEdge Networks, Mountain View, Calif., an ad network that works exclusively with game sites and provides inventory to SpotXchange, said video ads work with games because of the high viewership. “Eighty-seven percent of the people who saw the ad watched at least to the midway point and 66 percent watched the entire ad,” he said. The reason for the high numbers is “the ad is the only thing in front of the players when the game is loading or they’re pausing in the break of a game, so it’s not like a display ad on a page of content. It’s the only game in town, which makes the genre exciting for marketers.”

Sephirah Feinberg, an account coordinator at Big Fuel Communications, New York, an agency that has bought casual game video ads at SpotXchange, said, “They have high click throughs that reach women as the primary demographic. We were advised that there’s a large contingent for female stay at homes so we ran ads on gaming networks, along with local news and entertainment channels. We found out there’s a strong female demographic that’s into casual gaming for a highly engaging interactive experience.”

Shehan said, “Most casual games sites run static or rich media banners before the game, but video advertising has a greater impact and generates a higher click through.” The click through rates are between one and five percent, he said.

The video ads SpotXchange plays with casual games are 15 or 30 second ads with 300 x 250 companion banners. The ads play before the games start or between levels of a game. SpotXchange runs the ads with a frequency cap of 1, so they don’t repeat during a game, Shehan said.

The engagement of video ads on game publisher sites, as demonstrated by the high click through rates, warrants higher CPMs, Shehan said. “Video ads will generate between $10-$20 CPM on average (sometimes higher) as opposed to other forms of in-game ads like banners, which generate anywhere between $1-$5 CPM.”

Meanwhile, there is a lot of “untapped inventory” at casual game sites because “marketers aren’t familiar with casual gaming,” Shehan said. SpotXchange and NeoEdge Networks are seeking to change that.

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VideoNuze: Video Ad Networks Coverage Continued: SpotXchange, YuMe

April 16, 2008

VideoNuze, Tuesday, April 15, 2008, 10:41 AM ET

As evidence of the market’s bullishness on ad-supported video, video-focused ad networks continue to flourish. I recently spoke to CEO/co-founders of two of the larger ones, SpotXchange and YuMe to learn more about their respective differentiators.

SpotXchange CEO Mike Shehan explains that his company has focused on building a real-time auction model for publishers to offer inventory and advertisers/agencies to bid on it. The 2 main verticals SpotXchange is pursuing are local and casual games. Providing an easy on-ramp to video advertising is the key goal. Advertisers can load their campaigns, enter the marketplace, target by channel and/or region and determine how much they’re willing to pay.

Though it’s a fully self-service model, SpotXchange offers client service model as well for larger brand advertisers. Michael says there are now 300 publishers in the networks, reaching 50 million unique visitors per month. The company grew out of Booyah Networks, a search and interactive agency which has fully-funded its development.

Meanwhile, Jayant Kadambi, CEO of YuMe explains that the company spent the first 2 1/2 years from its founding in October ’04 developing an ad-management platform that could handle various ad units and formats. In the absence of standards, Jayant believes this gives the company an edge in servicing advertisers and agencies that don’t want to customize assets for various publisher sites’ players. YuMe has built a network of 400+ publishers with 46 million uniques/month and a sweet spot of 750K-1 million video views/month and above (for a network total 150 million streams/mo).

Jayant says he’s been pleasantly surprised at how much video content is monetizable, though he’s not suggesting user-generated video will be monetized any time soon. YuMe’s CPMs are in the $10-30 range. The company is now in the mode of building scale, which could involve marrying its ad management platform to others’ networks using its “Adaptive Campaign Engine.” In fact, one recent partnership that was announced to do this was with SpotXchange. YuMe has raised $16M from investors including Khosla Ventures, Accel Partners, BV Capital and DAG Ventures.

I’ll have more on other video ad networks and how they fit into the larger broadband industry in the coming weeks.

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MediaPost: SpotXchange Unveils Video Ad Serving Partnership With Big Think

March 26, 2008

Online Media Daily, News Brief, Wednesday, Mar 26, 2008 7:01 AM ET

WEB VIDEO ADVERTISING NETWORK SPOTXCHANGE on Tuesday announced a video ad-serving partnership with online video hot spot Big Think.

Launched in January, Big Think houses hundreds of hours of video interviews with such notables as journalist Jim Lehrer, British magnate and chairman of Virgin Atlantic airline Sir Richard Branson, musical artist Moby, and alternative-health guru Deepak Chopra.

The companies plan to work together to create new ad units to best serve users and advertisers. Big Think is currently using SpotXchange’s pre/mid/post roll InStream unit, and will soon use the InnerStream overlay unit.

–Gavin O’Malley

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MediaPost: YuMe Strikes Partnership With SpotXchange

March 19, 2008

MediaPost Online Media Daily, News Brief, Wednesday, Mar 19, 2008 7:00 AM ET

WEB VIDEO AD NETWORK YUME has struck a partnership with SpotXchange designed to increase inventory fill rates and revenue opportunities for YuMe publishers.

Publishers using Adaptive Campaign Engine–a new capability of the YuMe ad management system designed to help publishers match each video ad impression in their inventory to the best money-making opportunity–will gain exposure to the large number of advertisers and agencies currently buying video inventory in the SpotXchange marketplace.

Likewise, media buyers using SpotXchange to find video ad inventory will have much more inventory to choose from, given the addition of YuMe’s audience of 46 million unique viewers.

SpotXchange is a platform for online video publishers to auction off available in-stream, in-game, and overlay video ad inventory. Media buyers, advertisers and agencies use SpotXchange’s self-service tools to load commercials and target ad inventory made available by publishers in a transparent marketplace.

–Gavin O’Malley

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