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June 1, 2006

filmannex logo

“SpotXchange has been a good partner with a functional and well-designed platform. SpotXchange has also proved to be a reliable network with its timely payments. We hope to improve and increase our relationship and volume of business with SpotXchange.”

Franceso Rulli,

Advertisements Testimonial

June 1, 2006

supernovatube logo

“SpotXchange provides a unique platform that is easy to use. Great fill rates, easy integration and very competitive CPM rates. Their knowledgeable team is always there to help. We are proud to be apart of their flourishing network.”

Tim Clow, Testimonial

June 1, 2006

blogtv logo

“We are happy utilizing the SpotXchange marketplace on reselling our unsold ad inventory. The SpotXchange platform is very user friendly and the team is extremely helpful and pro-active in offering creative ideas to optimizing our unsold live and recorded video ads monetization.

I am very happy working with these guys looking forward.”

Haim Mashiah

VP Marketing, Testimonial

June 1, 2006

real logo

“SpotXchange’s video ad network combines a smart, effective, and easy to implement technology with wonderful account support and technical know how. The ads look great on our site and provide a good user experience. We are very happy with out partnership.”

Allen Pang

May 31, 2006

tvu logo

“We’re very pleased with SpotXchange as a video ad provider for TVU’s Internet TV service. Their platform is reliable and well-designed, and their integration was well documented and supported. The SpotXchange team is a joy to work with.”

Dan Lofgren,