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longtailI recently saw that the IAB produced a video and a new site called http://www.iamthelongtail.com, which highlights some of the stories behind the estimated 1.2 million websites that support themselves through advertising.  Personally, I really found the video very inspiring.  Many of these ‘long tail’ publishers have very loyal, niche audiences.  The publishers themselves care very deeply about their subject matter and produce quality content.  Their visitors trust the sites enough to return again and again.  However, these same publishers are often not recognized as quality sources of ad inventory by many media planners in the industry.  Granted, they aren’t household names like CNN. And they often don’t have the critical mass that many media planners need in order to invest their time executing a buy.  However, I’d like to point out that many ad networks, including SpotXchange, enable advertisers to sponsor these sites in a transparent manner with surprising ease and effectiveness.  And often, these same ad networks provide incredibly sophisticated targeting and optimization tools to manage campaigns on these types of sites.  Ad networks – love ’em or hate ’em, they do serve a purpose for all parties involved.  I’m hoping that was the point of the IAB producing this video.


2009 Upshot50 Winner – Marketing Technology Leader

Posted February 24, 2009 by Jen Malson
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upshot50seal2We have a little saying we use over here at SpotXchange when something great happens. Seeing that our parent company is Booyah Networks, it’s not hard to guess what that little saying is.

Recently, we had reason to use this catch phrase to express our excitement after learning that SpotXchange is an Upshot50 Winner!

I’ll go ahead and set a little mood lighting for anyone in the dark about what the folks at Upshot Institute represent. They specialize in marketing analysis and provide consulting services for marketers and vendors. Upshot Institute has a particular interest in marketing technologies and how they may be applied in marketing organizations. Marketers, being in such a fast-paced and chaotic industry, understand the importance of companies like Upshot Institute and the guidance they provide the marketing community, through their resources and tools.

To read up more on Upshot Institute, visit their website.

The Upshot50 Awards were created to show appreciation for companies who provide “the most significant technologies shaping marketing today.” As an Upshot50 winner, SpotXchange has been recognized as a marketing technology leader, pushing the marketing world envelope with our innovative, performance-building, empowering tools and technologies.

Congratulations to my fellow online video advertising team at SpotXchange.

I have one word for you: “Booyah!”

Online Games Find Success in Recession

Posted February 20, 2009 by Erica Harte
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blog-comp3“In fact, according to leading online video advertising network SpotXchange, in February 2008, over 90% of the InGame video advertisements they served were watched in full. This level of engagement means the effectiveness of the video ad goes through the roof.” – From article written by Slingo.com

Follow the link below to view full article:

Pre-roll Video Advertising Industry Standards Approved

Posted January 8, 2009 by Paul Bowlin
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new-iab-logoRealizing the need to have standards approved by all industry stake holders, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) formed the IAB’s Digital Video Committee (DVC) in October 2007. In the past 15 months, the IAB’s DVC has written and has submitted 4 major standard initiatives that have been approved for preroll video advertising. Any standard developed by the IAB must go through a public comment phase in order to allow non-IAB members, non-Committee members, agencies (American Association of Advertising Agencies / 4A’s), advertisers (The Association of National Advertisers / ANA), etc a chance to review before it becomes a full standard.

With the standards now approved and in place, marketers and agency buyers can include preroll video advertising in their media plans and have accountability just as they would for traditional media. Preroll video advertising can now be evaluated on an apples to apples basis with television on both a national and local level.

When compared to television advertising, all preroll video advertising purchased through SpotXchange will give the buyer much more accountability in the following metrics:
1) how many unique viewers were reached
2) frequency capping for each piece of creative by viewer
3) real time optimization by creative by site based on ad playrate, ctr and conversions
4) re-targeting viewers based on their interaction or lack of interaction with the ad
5) target in-market buyers for auto’s, home goods, consumer electronics and many more product categories.

As a contributing member of the IAB’s DVC, SpotXchange would be happy to review all standards with you and answer any questions you may have. Here are brief descriptions for each of the 4 major standard initiatives and links to the full document.

1) A Digital Video Advertising Overview
This document serves as a high level introduction to the digital video ecosystem and defines in-stream(pre-roll), in-banner and in-text ad units.

2) Digital Video In-Stream Ad Format Guidelines and Best Practices
This document defines the creative sizes and advertising specs that video sites can offer advertisers. These guidelines simplify operational aspects of creating and delivering pre-roll ads.

3) Digital Video In-Stream Ad Metrics Definitions
This document defines additional non-currency in-stream metrics such as playrate and completion rate for all sites. This will allow buyers to receive common reporting metrics from multiple media partners that are consistent.

4) Digital Video Ad Serving Template (VAST)
VAST establishes a standard way for ad servers to respond to video player ad requests. VAST supports linear video ads, non-linear overlay ads, and companion banners, thus matching the formats specification previously released.

Happy New Year to you!

Brightcove Announces Partnership with SpotXchange

Posted December 9, 2008 by Mike Shehan
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Brightcove Inc. today announced that SpotXchange is participating in the Brightcove Alliance, a global ecosystem of leading technology and distribution partners who have integrated with the Brightcove online video platform, as well as solution providers building customer websites and video applications using Brightcove. Through the Brightcove Alliance, organizations worldwide have access to a broad range of expert partners, pre-integrated technologies and services to support online video initiatives of any size and scope in every market. 

This partnership will provide Brightcove customers seamless integration with the SpotXchange Marketplace where they can efficiently monetize their unsold video ad inventory. Advertisers within the SpotXchange Marketplace compete for opportunity to have their ads run against inventory made available by participating Publishers. Rather than letting inventory go unsold, publishers can make real-time calls to SpotXchange requesting ads that meet the precise specifications (set in advance by each publisher). SpotXchange will then return any ads, in order from highest to lowest CPM, that meet the publisher’s quality and targeting criteria.

SpotXchange is profiled on Brightcove as an advertising partner here:  http://www.brightcove.com/partners/technology-partners/advertising/spotxchange/

SpotXchange CEO to Speak on Internet Video & Marketing Panel during Digital Hollywood at CES

Posted November 19, 2008 by Valerie Quintanilla
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What: SpotXchange President/CEO Michael Shehan will participate in the panel, Internet Video, Advertising & Marketing: The Next Generation of Consumer Reach at Digital Hollywood at CES in Las Vegas on January 10, 2009.

Shehan and fellow panelists will discuss where consumer reach is headed as online video becomes a part of the marketing mix.

SpotXchange demonstrations and interviews with Shehan can be arranged prior to the event.

Where: Digital Hollywood at CES
Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas, Nevada

Who: Michael Shehan Founder, President, Chief Executive Officer, SpotXchange

When: Internet Video, Advertising & Marketing: The Next Generation of Consumer Reach
Saturday, January 10, 2009
12 to 1 p.m.

Contact: Valerie Quintanilla

About SpotXchange
In 2007 and 2008, the SpotXchange patent-pending online video advertising platform received the Streaming Media Readers’ Choice Award for BEST VIDEO AD PLATFORM. The company was spun off from Colorado-based digital marketing and technology company, Booyah Networks in March 2007. Booyah Networks ranked 23rd on the 2006 Inc. 500. Clients and partners include Clip Syndicate, Lycos, TVU, Pando, Voxant, Slingo, NeoEdge, United Press International and others.